ERASMUS+ students experience

2018 - 2019 Spring Semester

Bahrican YALÇIN Erasmus student from Turkey

Hi, I am an Erasmus student in Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences. And my Erasmus experience was very good and I really enjoyed to be here. The teachers were very helpful and really tried to teach us. I think you should come here definitely. :)

Elif Naz Civan Erasmus student from Turkey

This is my second Erasmus but I can say the best Erasmus I felt like myself in my home and I felt so comfortable I met great people great teachers and friends. I loved Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, staff and also the dormitory with amazing view to the sea!

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Yusuf Seckin from Turkey]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Maria Jose Guimaraes Sousa from Portugal]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Natalia A. Kiekbusch] from Germany

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Ilkay Sen from Turkey]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Ruben Filipe Maia from Portugal]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Vladyslav Zherebylo from Ukraine]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Suzan Musa Moh'd from Jordan]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Elif Naz Civan from Turkey]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Gulruh Devletyarova]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Jacqueline Dumdei from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Ana Fernandes, from Instituto Superior de Entre Douro e Vouga, Portugal]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Erhan Kara]

Opinions of Erasmus+ students [Michelle Vögtle from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany]

2018 Fall Semester

Anna Lena Erasmus student from Germany

My Erasmus experience at the Klaipeda Business University of Applied Science was great! The lectures Marketing, Image of organisation, International Business and Basic of Communication were quite interesting and all lecturer had a broad knowledge. For Basic of Communication we had an Expert from the UK. There is also enough time to travel through Lithuania and the rest of the Baltic. An advantage of the small port city Klaipeda is the beach and the Curonian Spit. A big thanks goes to our mentor Samanta Štraupaitė, she did everything to make my Erasmus time memorable!

Jacqueline Dumdei from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University Erasmus student from Germany

The Erasmus program in Klaipeda is exciting and good organized. When we all arrived in Lithuania our mentors helped us to find our dorm easily and they welcomed us very friendly.

All mentors keep us busy with different kind of activities. In addition, there are a couple of organised trips or events during weekends. Our dormitory is well located. Our University is in walking distance of the old town, so we also have a lot of shops around to buy food or whatever you need. The best thing is, we can reach the beach by bus within 10 minutes or by ferry (maybe 30 minutes by walking to the ferry). Furthermore, we have a park near our dormitory where we can climb in the trees. Or others like to have a run in this park which is beautiful and when you go a bit further you will find an unexpected huge and nice forest. Of course, Klaipeda has more opportunities for staying busy.

All in all, I had a lot of things to do during our studies.

Maria J. Sousa Erasmus student from Portugal

Klaipeda, Lithuania ... Firstly the thing that surprised me the most was the beach, just because I was not at all expecting that kind of beach here, the sunset is the best, even it will be cold there I wanna go anyway. The city of Klaipeda is really beautiful, because of the architecture and it is really clean.
It is a little difficult to understand some people like the oldest, because they do not speak English, but at the same time it is a challenge for all of us, because we need to talk with each other, so we need to get another way to explain and learn other languages too. 
I am enjoying this experience too, because I can pursue my dream of traveling to a lot of countries, mainly Poland and Czech Republic, Latvia, and improve my english and myself too.

2018 Spring Semester

Ali Furkan Aslan Erasmus Traineeship from Turkey

I enjoyed and learned too many different things while having internship. All employees were very kind and sincere to me, i felt like have a second family here.University location is at the Old Town which is heart of the city. I had amazing times on Old Town and had amazing memories . Definitely will visit this city again!

2017 Fall semester

Muhammed Emin Özdoğan Erasmus traineeship from Turkey

LTVK is a great university with nice staff. Also Klaipėda is a nice city to be in. I'm glad I completed my trainership there. Everybody was so kind, friendly and helpful. Now I have good friends, memories and experience.

2017 Spring semester

LTVK students Edita Račkauskaitė and Jankauskaitė Vaida were studying at the University of Vigo, Spain. Students had fun and sunshine, but their studies were both interesting and intense.

Ema Baikštytė (studying Sales Management), Santina Reznikchenko (studying Tourism and Entertainment Industries), sends wishes from sunny Portugal, from Escola Superior de Technogias de Fafe.