Scientific-applied research department


Applied Scientific Research Department (MTTS) was established in August, 2005. The department coordinates the scientific activity of the University, collects and analyzes information related to applied science research activity, organizes and coordinates applied scientific research, conducts external research related to the study programs, organizes science events, training, courses and seminars.

Every two years the Applied Research Department organizes International scientific-methodical conference called "Regional issues: economics, managment and technolgies", students' conference called "The goals of academic youth: the insights on economics, management and technologies".

The council of Applied Research Department organizes the publication of scientific journal = The Journal of Management ISSN 1648-7974 , which is included in the international databases: EBSCO, Index Copernicus, CEEOL and Lithuanian scientific periodicals list eLIBRARY.LT. The journal publishes the articles of Lithuanian and foreign scientists.

The mission of the Department - work for the good of science and business.

The vision of the Department - the main mediator in providing the university services of applied research consulting and public relations for business.

The main goal of the Department - coordinate the applied science activity of the University in cooperation with its departments.

The objectives of the Department: 

  • Organizes and coordinates applied research according to the demands of business and other public organizations;
  • Coordinates the proceedings of business consulting according to the demands of business and other public organisations needs;
  • Arranges the publication of the scientific journal of Lithuania Business University = Journal of Managment ISSN 1648-7974;
  • Arranges various international and students' scientific-practical conferences;
  • Mediates in providing information to business about the university activities, conferences, seminars, training;
  • Collaborates with universities and other higher education institutions in the scientific-research field;
  • Encourages students to participate in scietific-research activities;
  • Participates in the activities of LKDK MTV committee.


  •  external and internal assesment of study quality;
  • applied research in study subjects;
  • general activities according to the demands of business;

Assoc. prof. Remigijus Dailidė
Head of Applied Scientific Research Department
Phone.: +370 46 311 099
No. 202.