Study programmes

Smart Management

This degree program is designed to prepare qualified professionals who are able to establish a business venture, manage, analyze and monitor the state of the business, taking care of business development and leading the staff.

Possible specializations:

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management

Tourism and entertainment business industry

This degree program is designed to prepare tourism and entertainment business managers with knowledge of tourism and recreational activities and services peculiarities, able to self-organize, plan travel and entertainment companies.

Possible specializations:

  • Travel and excursion management
  • Spa and wellness tourism management
  • Event management

Administration of Institutions and Enterprises

This degree program is designed to prepare qualified professional bachelor administration specialists who are able to work in different sizes (small, medium, large-scale) and specialization (services, trade, manufacturing) businesses, or state and public institutions.

Possible specializations:

  • Business Administration
  • State and public institution administration

Sales and Logistics Management

This degree program is designed to prepare qualified sales logistics management professionals who are able to forecast, plan, organize continuous workflow in trading companies or departments, to organize the goods or raw materials purchasing, sales, production or storage.

Possible specializations:

  • Marine transport logistics
  • Wares Distribution Logistics
  • Sales Management

Construction Business Management

This degree program is designed to prepare managers with knowledge of the construction work, planning and organization of the use of various technologies. Students are familiar with a variety of construction, sequence, technical and technological measures, are able to investigate and choose appropriate market.

Possible specializations:

  • Real Estate Management
  • Management of Building Materials

Economics of Business Enterprises

Economics of Business Enterprises study programme outcomes: prepare competent and qualified professionals to work in the economy in businesses enterprises who are able to apply the latest knowledge, based on research results and information for self-employment and further training, in order to analyze, evaluate and predict the company's business activities, develop strategies and perform business enterprises activity monitoring.

Possible specializations:

  • Marine Business economics
  • Finance of business enterprises


This program is designed to develop professional bachelor specialist - accountant, who is able to plan and manage the accounting, financial management and control processes in enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Possible specializations:

  • Internal Audit
  • Business Valuation

Applied informatics and Programming

The main purpose of this program - to provide students with basis and specifics informatics knowledge, to be able to design and build applications, Web programmes and databases, perform computer graphic design work, conduct computer network maintenance.

Possible specializations:

  • Web Development
  • Computer Network Administration
  • Mobile Application Development

Digital Design Technologies

The aim of the Digital Design Technologies study program is to prepare highly qualified IT graphic (digital) design professionals, self-employed or working in a team in the field of design who are able to convey effectively visual information according to a customer‘s requirements and design principles by information technology tools.

Possible specializations:

  • -

Law and Law Enforcement Authorities

This degree program is designed to prepare professional experts who will be able to analyze various legal instruments, to evaluate period of their validity, identifies particular legal norms regulating the activities of private and legal persons, to make analysis of problems, formulating the tasks and aims of investigation related with his/her professional activity, to draw conclusions of the performed investigation, to use advanced information technologies and databases for gathering of legal information from various sources, will be able to modify the course of activities considering the analysis of performance results and recommendations of competent persons/institutions.

Possible specializations:

  • Judicial authorities
  • Litigation authorities

Information Business Systems - NEW

The main objective of the Business Information Systems study program is to develop an IT specialist capable of adapting and developing new technologies, managing and analyzing data, designing information business systems for companies, managing the deployment, servicing and development of databases and business information systems in companies.

Business and Investment Law

Business and Investment Law study programme outcomes: student knows the basic  business and investment of study basic knowledge, develop a highly skilled business and investment in the knowledge with professionals who are able to think critically, to identify and solve a variety of business and investment regulatory problems creatively apply business and investment law providing professional advice to the various operators on matters and may, by means of professional thinking and integral scientific knowledge, adopt innovative solutions that enhance competitive advantage and business value.

Possible specializations:

  • Judicial authorities
  • Litigation authorities